Finding Blog

HELLO!! So I recently refound this blog and I can’t believe I still remember the password for it! It was really fun reading through the the old posts, so I decided that I would continue to post stuff here! Just so I can have memories I can look back on when I’m bored or when I’m really old! No one will probably read/see this cause I won’t put tags and stuff but yeah, if you’re reading this, you’re probably my friend and probably the only reason you’re here is cause I showed you or forced you to read. Okay that makes me sound really sad but yeah that’s all I’m out. (I might post something about my day after this since this is like a reintroduction post after a long as hiatus. That is all everyone have a goodnight and God bless you!!)



Went shopping with mum and managed to buy a whole tub of GUMMY BEARS!!

*in the car*

Mum: how long do you think it’ll take you to finish that tub?

Me: with everyone? Or just myself?

Mum: just you


Mum: yeah

Me: *sweet, wait is this a trick question?* umm, two weeks?

Mum: okay, if to finish that tub before two weeks, you’re screwed.

Me: *gulp* sure…

*Barely two days later*


More then half way finished, *huge gulp*


Although I see this every time I unlock my iPad, I still feel happy every.single.time! Try it 🙂



Nothing better then the smell of fresh fart. Except when it comes out of someone elses bum 😐